5 Study Tips for Trainee Wedding Planners

Today is all about study tips for trainee wedding planners because that’s me right now, The Apprentice Wedding Planner.

It can be so hard to stay motivated as a new Wedding Planner. There’s so much to do and so little time to do it in.

So, if you didn’t know, I have officially started my third and final year at university!

It’s now time for me to find the ultimate balance and my scheduling has to be so much more accurate than it’s ever been!

Not only do I have a degree and work for the Academy, I also have another job thrown in the mix. So I’m constantly being kept on my toes at the moment. But as I’ve said before – the busier the better.

If you’re in a similar situation to me, I’ve got a few key study tips for you to follow!

Here’s my study tips for trainee wedding planners:

Study Tip 1 – Create a Playlist

I know this has been mentioned before, (by myself and my mum!). But seriously, find your playlist!!

Have multiple lists.

Have one for the real nitty gritty type of work that requires the most attention.

What about one for your light work and admin days? And then maybe another with your ultimate favourite motivators (mine is my gym playlist).

Creating the right working mood really helps. I have my Alexa set up right next to my laptop – perfect.

The Academy actually has their own playlist on Spotify that you can add to as well. Join in the fun right here…

Study Tip 2 – Check your surroundings

Make sure you actually like your surroundings. It can be very easy to overlook the importance of creating a nice space, especially in a house share.

If you’re not feeling it, take yourself to the park, a coffee shop, or the library. Change it up so it’s not the same old thing every day.

Study Tip 3 – Minimise your distractions

As hard as it is, try and remove your distractions, focus on one thing at a time. I’m the worst for freaking myself out about the thousands of things I have to do, and then flitting from task to task without giving any of them the focused attention that they require. And what does that make me do? Stress even more.

Sit yourself down, decide on your task, and stick with it.

Study Tip 4 – Know when to stop

It’s important to not take on too much. Know your limits as each person is different. Find out how much you can handle and stick to that. The only way to get into any kind of groove is consistency.

Study Tip 5 – Reward yourself regularly

It’s very easy to be hard on yourself but not so easy to reward yourself for a job well done. I like to give myself a bit of a treat when I achieve something and the same goes for study.

Once I’ve completed an essay, written a blog post or done my social media post and give myself a little reward. That might be something simple like a hot chocolate and a biscuit. Or something bigger like a ride on my bike in the countryside or lunch with a friend.

Study Tips for Trainee Wedding Planners

I hope those Study Tips for Trainee Wedding Planners helped. I definitely have to try and take my own advice now that Uni has started once again. It’s so easy to overlook the simplest of tips and tricks when it comes to motivation and studying when often, they’re the best steps to take!

I hope this has helped you get a little bit of structure into your schedule! See you on the next blog post!


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