24 Hours of FREE Wedding Industry Education

Yes I really did say 24 Hours of FREE Wedding Industry Education.

You should know by now that at the Wedding Academy we love being the first to do things. Personally, I can never resist a challenge and this time it’s a challenge on steroids.

In what way?

Well my friends, we’re hosting the FIRST EVER 24 hour LIVE online summit for the Wedding Industry.

Wedding Trend Report Live is happening on January 15th for 24 wonderful and fun packed hours.


Yes there’s been summits before, some great ones, but they’ve never been fully live or run for 24 consecutive hours.

We’re drawing a line in the sand and saying no more death by pre-recorded powerpoint.

We want real, live, warts and all, presentations, round tables and Q&As from our 30+ experts.

We’d all love to wave a magic wand and pretend 2020 didn’t happen, but it did. We have no control over that.

What we do have control over is how we start 2021. The mindset we allow ourselves to have. And the way we approach our marketing moving forward into this new year.

We’re all craving community. We want to be part of something again. We want to engage with each other.

In short we want our learning experience to be live and experiential.

We want to form friendships, connect with experts and be in a place where we can chat and network with our peers.

That’s exactly what we’re giving you.

You’ll be learning from 30 amazing business and marketing professionals who are ALL keen to share their knowledge with you.

This isn’t generic information you can get off the Internet. Our pros have been asked to think ahead and tell us their predictions for what’s going to ‘get your business’ in 2021 and beyond.

They will show you how to survive and thrive.

There is so much to learn and enjoy. But here’s a few highlights:

  • The Organic Traffic, Leads & Sales Framework with Kyle Goldie
  • Social Media Prompts to Get you Posting with the team at Sourced Co.
  • How to Get Passive Income in your Wedding Business with Lisa  Johnson
  • Smart Ways to Master Pinterest Marketing in 2021 with Rachel Waring
  • How Couples are Using Instagram Post Covid with Kate Beavis
  • The Art of Sales & Booking Clients in 2021 and Beyond with Jade Jemma

So don’t be a party pooper! Start 2021 as you mean to carry on, with a fire inside you ready to take on whatever life throws at you, and some.

ARE YOU READY? I hope so because this is going to be a summit like no other.


FREE Wedding Industry Education

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