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Partnering with The Wedding Academy can increase brand recognition, offer networking opportunities, generate leads and show community involvement.

The Academy has a large audience of wedding industry professionals, providing sponsors with exposure to a relevant, interested crowd. Partnerships can enhance credibility and showcase products to a targeted audience.

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Established in 2004, The Wedding Academy is internationally recognised as the lead training body for wedding planners & stylists. 

Partnering with us can give you:

  • Exposure to a targeted audience: The Wedding Academy has a large audience of individuals and businesses in the wedding industry, providing sponsors with exposure to a relevant and interested audience.

  • Brand recognition: Sponsorship can increase brand recognition and credibility by associating your brand with a reputable and well-respected organization in the wedding industry.

  • Networking opportunities: Sponsors and partners can take advantage of presentation and networking opportunities with other wedding industry professionals and businesses.

  • Lead generation: Sponsorship can help generate leads for your business by providing opportunities to showcase your products and services to a highly targeted audience.

  • Community involvement: By sponsoring or partnering with The Wedding Academy, you can demonstrate your commitment to the wedding industry and support the growth and development of the community.

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The Wedding Trend Report

We are currently offering advertising opportunities for the 2024 Wedding Trend Report. To find out more, please email the Editor, Kiri Walker on [email protected]

Opportunities Include:

  • Full / Half Page Ads
  • Editorials
  • Sponsored Sections

Sponsorship Options

Sponsored Blog Post

$500 per post

Produce a blog post with relevant content for our readers and promote your brand or product.

Sponsored VIDEO

$500 per post

Produce a video for YouTube, Instagram Stories/Reels or TikTok with relevant content.

Sponsored Instagram Post

$250 per post

Produce an Instagrm post with relevant content for our readers and promote your brand or product.

Sponsored EMAIL

$1000 per EMAIL

Promote your brand or product with a dedicated email to our database.


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