The Tablescape Guide

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A superb tablescape is both functional and fabulous.You first establish the practical elements you need it to have then you will be able to add decor and accessories for a beautiful and stylish look. This gives you a balance between making sure your table flows and works well in addition to being a gorgeous place to have a meal for the guests who will be seated at it.

Designing a table for an event in our eyes is very similar to shooting a movie. First of all, you?re telling a story, one that hopefully draws the guests in from the moment they walk in the room to the point where they sit down at the table. Every Hollywood movie has a leading man and/or leading lady and from that point they’re surrounded by supporting actors, and your table is no different. You need to decide who your star of the show is and then all those other elements become the supporting act around that one star.

We have what we call Golden Rules of Tablescaping and we will be sharing those with you in this guide.

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