Are you ready…

To fill your diary
with clients?

Running and growing a wedding business is hard work, especially if you’re going it alone. You want someone to hold you accountable, be there to brainstorm ideas with, and offer support and guidance. But most of all, you want someone to show you, step-by-step, exactly what you need to do.

I help wedding CEOS, just like you, get focused, find clarity and create a personalised strategy for finding and booking their ideal wedding clients.

The Details

Strategic Planning Session (90 mins)

Our first session together will be an intensive 90-minute strategy planning session where we decide on exactly where you want to be in your wedding business and how we’re going to get you there. Together we’ll map out an achievable plan of action to keep you laser focused and clear on what you want to achieve.

Fortnightly 60 min calls

Every two weeks we’ll meet up virtually using Zoom video conferencing platform for our accountability call. These sessions are recorded so you can refer back to anything we’ve discussed at a later date. These calls will be structured according to the strategy plan but can be flexible if opportunities arise.

Unlimited Access to me (M-F)

I have a very ‘hands-on’ approach and I see us as a team where I become invested in your business. Whether you need full accountability and lots of direction, regular calls to keep you on track or simply a deep dive session into your marketing, together we’ll create the best strategy for you moving forward.

Project Management via Asana

All our documents and accountability will be managed through Asana to help us stay focused and on track. You’ll receive access to a private workspace where both myself and my team will work with you.

Full access to my Training Programs

You’ll receive access to any of my training programs that will benefit you and help you to move forward in your wedding business.

Intros to my ‘Inner Circle’ of Pros

I will do whatever I can do to ensure your success and that includes making referrals, introductions to other industry experts that might open doors for you and exposure for your brand.

Coaching & Mentoring


  • 90 Mins Deep Dive Strategy Session
  • 2 Monthly 60 Mins Calls
  • Unlimited access to me (M-F) via Voxer (voice app) PLUS weekly check ins and support
  • Project management via Asana (strategy, actions, tasks)
  • VIP access to any masterclasses/events during our time together
  • Full access to all my paid training courses where applicable
  • Intros to my network and inner circle of industry experts

What My Clients Say

“Kylie is an amazing person. If you want to be taught by someone who is credible and authentic and someone who is not trying to rip you off but someone who is passionate and wants you to succeed Kylie is your person. Believe me.”

Hope Douglas

“ABSOLUTELY DO IT! I feel like just about anyone could start a business in the wedding industry with Kylie’s mentorship and expertise!”

Ariel Unselt

“I would say that my experience was the most personal mentoring that I have ever received in my wedding career. Kylie made me feel like we were in my business together…almost like it was her business as much as it was mine. She genuinely wanted me to win and succeed.”

Kacey Le Blanc

“I love all the personalised messages, comments, video’s – all very encouraging. I feel like Kylie is like a life coach as well! She relates back to elements of her life and makes things relatable and real… and does the same with you.”

Sarah Luffrum-Miller

Top FAQs

How long do I have access to you and your support?

Whilst we’re working together you’ll have continued access and support. However, I never completely say goodbye to my clients and still stay in contact to see how you’re doing and to keep you accountable.

Will I have to invest in other things such as Facebook Adverts for this to work?

No. The strategies I teach don’t require any extra investment. I do have experts in my team who can help with things like Facebook Adverts, but it isn’t part of the program.

I don’t offer a service in the wedding industry I sell products. Will this still work for me?

Absolutely. I work with planners, photographers, cake makers, bridal stores, venue owners, stationers, caterers etc.

How are you different from other coaches out there?

I’ve had over 10 years running my own successful wedding business plus 12 years teaching and coaching others. I’ve been where you are and come out the other side with two very successful businesses. One was even before the days of Google and Facebook. Social media hadn’t even been invented.

I’ve made plenty of mistakes, taken countless courses on everything from video marketing to copywriting, and am still learning every single day.

My motto is you never stop learning and you can always improve on what you do.


Coaching & Mentoring

Time to stand out from the wedding crowd and take your business to the next level. I help wedding CEOS grow their business, increase profits and master the art of marketing by creating a personalised strategy and blueprint with full accountability and support.