8 Ways to Manage Wedding Planning Nightmares

manage wedding nightmares
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Wedding Planning Nightmares are why people hire wedding planners.

I’m not going to lie, planning or producing a wedding for paying clients comes with big responsibilities. And there are no guarantees all your weddings will go off without a hitch.

However, if you plan ahead, have backups and keep your cool you’ll learn to deal with anything a wedding day might throw at you.

It all comes down to training. Like any job you need to learn the foundations and tricks of the trade.

Planning weddings isn’t rocket science but it comes with huge responsibilities.

At the Wedding Academy we prepare you for ALL eventualities.

Here are just 8 ways we’ll make sure you’re prepared to tackle any wedding mishap:

Wedding Planning Nightmare #1 – Planning For Unpredictable Weather

When it comes to weather there are never any guarantees. Yes, you can probably say with confidence that it won’t snow in the summer months but you cannot predict with absolute certainty that it won’t rain during an outdoor reception.

When you study our wedding planning courses we teach you how to plan for outdoor weddings. We go through the importance of having backup options, and we’ll get you thinking about what the solutions are and how best to handle a weather emergency.

Wedding Planning Nightmare #2 – Limiting Overspending

It’s so easy to overspend when it comes to a wedding. There is always that more premium version of something that you can get your hands on if you can just get your clients to stretch to another (insert cost).

And to be honest, the temptation to go over budget can be just as risky to an inexperienced planner or stylist as it is to the couple themselves.

You don’t want to be liable for any overspending based on recommendations you’ve made to the client. Budgets are your best friend and tracking and updating them is essential to ensure spending stays on track.

In our Wedding Planning Course you’ll get examples, templates and software to help you become a wedding budget whizz!

Wedding Planning Nightmare #3 – Resolving Family Dramas

A wedding planner can sometimes inadvertently be lumped with the role of mediator. When the planning puts everyone under pressure and tensions run high a wedding planner needs to be prepared to step in and avert potential family dramas.

We have an entire module covering etiquette, expectation and understanding the people and roles involved in planning a wedding.

Wedding Planning Nightmare #4 – When Supplier’s Fall Sick

Even with the best will in the world, it’s impossible to avoid sickness and accidents within your wedding supplier team.

Many professionals in the wedding industry are small business owners and would have to be at death’s door before they would let down one of their couples. But you cannot rely on this.

What happens if you florist breaks their arm or your cake maker comes down with a contagious infection? The answer is knowing what your back up plan is ahead of any problem actually arising.

All our Courses cover selecting, working with and managing a vendor team.

Wedding Planning Nightmare #5 – Fixing A Damaged Wedding Dress

In an event where one or both of the most important people are wearing (often very expensive) head to toe White or Ivory, it’s not uncommon for a fashion disaster to strike.

Marks on the dress, rips to the train, a sticky zip, a missing button, loose beading. All these things are actually quite common incidents on a wedding day which is why we share with all our students the must-have kit bag for any planner or stylist.

Wedding Planning Nightmare #6 – Dealing With A Bride Or Groom-zilla

Even the calmest and nicest person can let the Zilla take over when it comes to planning their wedding. The key to managing this is to understand your clients and what makes them tick.

This is a huge part of being a wedding planner. You’re part councillor, part planner, part mediator and everything in between.

But don’t worry we’ve got you covered. We have some great solutions for dealing with the stressed bride, groom, mother of the bride and of course, maid of honour. There’s a fun section called ‘The Psychology of a Bride’.

Wedding Planning Nightmare #7 – Managing A Cancelled or Postponed Wedding

If 2020 has shown us anything it’s that we need to be prepared for any eventuality. Postponements and cancellations have been a big part of the wedding industry through COVID-19.

As standard we show you what to do as a wedding planner if your clients call off or postpone the big day, the etiquette on informing guests and how to contractually protect yourself and your clients in this eventuality.

Wedding Planning Nightmare #8 – Why Contracts & Insurance Are Essential

You don’t want your career as a wedding planner to be over before it’s begun. Without a solid contract and the minimum insurance in place you shouldn’t be planning weddings.

Both of these things are there to protect you as much as your clients. In our Certificate in Business and Marketing and in our Advanced Certificate Course we cover everything from the insurance you need to the important clauses in your contract.

You want to be confident that both your and your business are protected.

Your Next Steps

If you’re serious about starting a career as a Wedding Planner our biggest piece of advice is to get trained. Don’t play Russian roulette with someone’s wedding day.

2021 is set to be a HUGE year for weddings and you could be a part of it. Join the Wedding Academy community and learn how to plan weddings the right way.


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