How to make your home a creative space

Have you ever wondered how to make your home a creative space?

The last year has pushed everyone’s patience to the extreme, many times. The amount of time we’ve spent learning to adapt to our new life has been unthinkable.

Bedrooms became offices, living rooms became our gyms, and even our gardens turned into mini bars. So many parts of normal life have had to be adapted!

Being a wedding planner is an immensely “hands on” profession. Meeting your prospective clients over zoom doesn’t exactly have the same unique feel and excitement to it, as meeting people in person.

Find your Creative Space

So, what about those of you training to become a wedding planner or stylist. Wanting to take the career leap but not knowing where to begin.

As a planner, getting to know your own style is so important, and as they say, practise makes perfect. Although it might still be from home for some of us, adapting to your surroundings is always possible.

Coming from someone who has spent the best part of 5 years living in small and cramped house shares, I know all about making the best of a small space! You eventually realise that adjusting along the way is all part of the process.

Being creative at home

My first tablescape was created in my cramped (and somewhat dingy) university bedroom back in Sheffield. Sure, it wasn’t the most glamourous set of shots I’ve ever seen, and my chipped desk had to double up as a dining room table to showcase centrepieces, but it was a start.

Use Pinterest as a platform for your ideas.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Pinterest is a lifesaver. Making mood boards from Pinterest is one of the easiest ways to find your own style, colours, and themes.

So how do you make your home a creative space?

Find somewhere that is a space for pure inspiration.

For me, it was one of my pin boards that every university seems to grace all student houses with. I’d pin my ideas, any inspirational pictures, or quotes. I had my favourite colour palettes pinned up on there too. Anything that provided me with even the smallest bit of inspiration was helpful! Essentially just using my resources as best as I could.

Trying to get in touch with your creative flair from your bedroom is not the easiest task, that has the be said. But it’s not impossible! Anything can be used in a creative way if you see it in the right light!

This mood board below is one I created at home for my Mum’s 50th Birthday Bash.

Kylie Birthday Mood Board

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