5 Tips for a New Year Creativity Boost

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When you work in the wedding industry you need to develop a high level of creativity to succeed. And you need your creativity to be available on the spot in different circumstances.

So here are my top 5 tips to boost your creativity levels in 2022:

1. Experience the events you want to plan

Before you can create it you need to experience it. In the same way that you can’t pass a driving test without having driven a car, you can’t plan a wedding or large scale event without having experienced something similar.

So if you want to plan high-end corporate events you need to know how they feel so find a way of attending one.

Book a VIP package to a sports event and see how you are treated.

Stay at a five star hotel and see what it feels like and people watch how people interact. 

So you want to be a festival wedding guru then you better get out there and go to a festival or two!

Go and have the experience you want to create, keep your eyes open and take note of what you love and what you would change to make it even better.

2. Go to a wedding industry conference

The best thing I ever did at the start of my career was to travel from the UK to Las Vegas to attend the Catersource/ Event Solutions conference.

I first attended in 2012 when I had left my full-time job a month earlier and was 5 months into a new business that started with hiring wedding chair covers and sashes.

To say that 4 days in Las Vegas changed my life may sound very cheesy but the people I saw speak and the décor that I saw blew my mind and took my creative ideas to a whole new level that I could never have foreseen.

This is where I first heard of Preston Bailey and was blown away by his keynote address.

This conference took me beyond what I knew, it took me into an international world and showed me what was possible and that excited me and gave me a huge goal to aim for.

I also got to mix with people within the industry and ask lots of questions and make valuable connections.

3. Listen to the big names in the industry

Find out who the big influencers are in the niche that you want to work in and listen to what they say.

Read their blog, buy their books, watch their YouTube videos and interviews. Learn from them. Follow them on social media – they are more than likely sharing lots of information on all kinds of different topics.

Be inspired. If they say that something works, find a way of adapting that into your world and see if it can work for you too. Watch out for people interviewing them on podcasts too.


4. Live more – be inspired

If you surround yourself with the same people and the same activities all the time then you will have the same ideas all the time.

The way to being more creative is to be more inspired by things around you and to do this effectively you need to change things up regularly.

Whether this is a visit to a flower market, flea market, food market or a browse down a high-end fashion street – get out there and be aware of what is happening in the world around you.  Then if you can, go further afield either physically or virtually.

5. Look after yourself better

It’s hard to be creative or feel creative when you are overtired, stressed or hungry.

We are all guilty of not having enough self-care but the way to high performance and better creativity is to simply look after yourself better.

Sleep and hydration are the top two that most people think they can cut back on without any bad effects. But if you can increase your sleep by 50 minutes and drink more water during the day you will already have taken a small step to being more creative.

Remember that taking time out to relax and do the things that you enjoy with people you enjoy being with, is as important to your creativity as researching new trends.

So what simple steps will you take today and this week to improve your creativity?



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