Announcing the Pantone Design Competition Winners

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A few weeks ago we set our students a challenge to design a series of inspiration boards using the colours announced in the Pantone Colour Report for Spring/Summer 2017. There was a choice of ten stunning colours and last week we chose three finalists for each colour. We then handed over to the wonderful team at Aisle Planner to choose one winner for each colour and an overall winner of the entire competition.

So without further ado it gives me great pleasure to present the winners of the 2016 Pantone Design Competition:

Overall Winner Shelby Howard:

Shelby’s boards are well balanced, visually cohesive with beautiful image choices – we LOVE her boards and are delighted to announce Shelby as the overall winner of the competition.

PANTONE 13-0755 Primrose Yellow

Shelby Howard

Photo Credits: Bridesmaids: Photographer Lakshal Perera via Hello May/Cake: Photographer Katelyn Shanice via June Bug Weddings/Shoes: Photographer Stephanie Fay via Southern Weddings/Buttonhole: Etsy Listing/Invitation: via Printerette Press/Table Setting: via Martha Stewart Weddings/Cocktails: via A Night Owl Blog/Bouquet: Photographer Love by Serena via Ruffled Blog

Board by: Shelby Howard
Why We Love it:

  • The descriptives from The Pantone Color Institute above could not be more fitting for the winner of the Primrose yellow mood board. This board is inviting, warm, joyful, and cheerful. How could the weather not want to be sunny on a wedding day like this?
  • We also love how well this mood board is balanced, color-wise (notice how the weight of the yellow shoe image on the right balances the Pantone swatch on the left).
  • We love that this board (like any great mood board) includes inspiration for all of the various elements that go into event design—attire, decor, stationery, cake, florals and even cocktails.
  • We’re swooning over Shelby’s consistent use of similar floral designs and patterns that all have the same look and feel, especially the striking similarity between the invitation and bridesmaids dresses.
  • Pineapples are the quintessential symbol of hospitality—the pineapple cocktail embellishment is southern hospitality at it’s finest, and we love how this contributes to the overall look and feel of this stunning mood board.

PANTONE 13-1404 Pale Dogwood

Josephine Mulle Schønwald‎

Photo Credits: Lantern: Photographer Stacy Paul Photography via One Fab Day/Cookies: Photographer Closer To Love Photography via The Perfect Palette/Table: Photographer Kim Box Photography via Southern Weddings/Cake: Photographer Mallory Renee via Wedding Sparrow/Bouquet: Photographer Laurel Weddings/Drinks: Photographer Erin Mcginn via Style Me Pretty/Boutonniere: Zita Elze Flowers

Board by: Josephine Mulle Schønwald
Why We Love it:

  • This board is feminine and sweet. Pantone describes “pale dogwood” as a quiet and peaceful pink shade that engenders an aura of innocence and purity.
  • Pale pink and blush tones have been a mainstay over the years when it comes to weddings—and we love that this soft hue will continue to be a popular color for weddings.
  • Josephine’s consistent use of images with roses, touches of foliage and various types of dainty white flowers throughout the board strengthens the overall aesthetic, and makes the board feel beautifully cohesive.
  • It’s the little details that go a long way with this board. A naked cake and hand-stamped iced cookies reinforce the overall “sweet” and “downhome” mood of this board, yet the beautiful images of the signature cocktail (in pale dogwood pink of course!) and the beautifully tied cocktail tables convey the fact that this couple loves a well designed wedding.
  • This board design is so well balanced. Smaller image columns on the left and right frame the larger center images and draw the eye into that stunning naked cake.

PANTONE 14-4620 Island Paradise

Marie Alsleben‎

Photo Credits: Hand with Jewellery: Photographer Kanji Ishii via Read the Trieb/Invitation: Photographer Sleepy Fox Photography via Weddings Unveiled Magazine/Bride: Photographer Amanda Diaz/Flowers via Birthday Wishes Expert/Wedding Cake: Photographer Zac Wolf via Style Me Pretty/Shoes: via Be Modish/Decoration: Photographer Jamie Dee via AKU

Board by: Marie Alsleben‎
Why We Love it:

  • With just one glance, Marie’s mood board told us exactly who we are designing for: a bride who is creative, fearless, and absolutely in love with all-things blue, blue, blue. She is both a statement maker and disarmingly sweet. When a board can communicate that much about a bride’s personality in just a few images, it hits the nail on the head for us.
  • Cohesive colors across all of the images do a great job of reflecting what Island Paradise is all about.
  • We love the addition of the hand image—it’s not something most people think to include on a mood board, but a bride’s hand can tell us so much about her overall style. Nail color, rings, and bracelets all help to convey her personality. In this case, we loved the attitude the hand image gave this board.

PANTONE 15-0343 Greenery

Nicola Jackson

Photo Credits: Bouquet via Intimate Weddings/Tablescape and Cake via Blooms By The Box/Tie & Buttonhole: Photographer Jaime Y Photography via Wedding Loft/Drinks: via Classic Bride/Shoes via Photographer Will Hartl via Brides Magazine/Stationery: Photographer Jenny GG Photography via Modernly Wed

Board by: Nicola Jackson
Why we love it:

  • Nicola’s consistent use of images featuring mums throughout her board lends a wonderful cohesive feel—it feels like all of these images could have come from one wedding. (Sometimes, mood boards can feel disjointed because images are pulled from so many different sources. This one didn’t have that issue at all.)
  • The even balance of colors feels professional. Greens, whites, and blacks are all placed well throughout the board—there’s no “too much” of any one color in any one spot.
  • This board’s imagery helps to convey a number of different aspects of a wedding. We love that Nicola included everything from cake design to typography inspiration. Overall, her board communicates a wedding that is fun, modern, and organic.

PANTONE 17-1462 Flame

Florie Jobez

Photo Credits: Table Design: Photographer Steve Steinhardt via Style Me Pretty/Ceremony: Photographer Dina Douglass via My Wedding/Teatime Moment: via Marrakesh Hua-Hin Resort/Cake: via Edible Art by Dina/Pillows & Lamp: Photographer Christopher Todd Studios/Bride & Bouquet: Photographer Gideon Photographer via Green Wedding Shoes/Invitation: via Nulki Nulks Wedding & Event Stationery

Board by: Florie Jobez
Why we love it:

  • With Pantone Flame as the anchor color for design, we loved that Florie’s board allowed us to easily define the supporting colors: varied shades of red, with splashes of orange and gold.
  • The overall look and feel of the images in this board tells a cohesive story of the style and design of event: a bright and colorful Indian affair or a southeast Asian inspired wedding.
  • This board is very well balanced—drawing our eyes to the larger, more stunning images (like the beautiful bridal bouquet or the stunning sunset).

PANTONE 17-2034 Pink Yarrow

Emily Lancaster

Photo Credits: Balloons via Design Love Fest/Flowers: Designed by Gypsy Floral via Photographer Emily Crall via Le Magnifique Blog/Bride and Flowers: Photographer Kelsea Holder via Wedding Chicks/Car: Photographer Steven Goovaerts via Glamorous Housewife/Cake: Designed by the Art of Baking via Modern Wedding/Invites: Photographer Jodi & Kurt Photography via Southern Weddings

Board by: Emily Lancaster
Why We Love it:

  • Mood boards are a great way to infuse your couple’s personality into the event—with one look at this board, we know that this couple loves to have fun! It oozes personality at very first glance.
  • Design for this event is anchored in pink yarrow, but the fun, whimsical side of this event is brought to life with punches of lively accent colors (like soft oranges and pops of greenery), which reinforce the casual, care-free vibe of this event.
  • Emily’s consistent use of colors and floral choices made the board a cohesive one.
  • Emily did a great job choosing a wide range of images to convey this event’s aesthetic—from colorful balloons to bright pink heels to whimsical aisle petals, every image chosen feels chock-full of personality and pop.

PANTONE 17-4123 Niagara

Shelby Howard

Photo Credits: Cake: Photographer Maria Lamb via Green Wedding Shoes/Table:Photographer Melanie Gabrielle via Chic Vintage Brides/Stationery: Photographer Allen Tsai Photography via Inspired By This/Bouquet: Photographer This Modern Romance via Green Wedding Shoes/Mussel Place Cards: Photographer Cuppa Photography via Style Me Pretty/Dress: Photographer Perry Vaile via Weddings Unveiled Magazine/Lounge Area: Photographer Melli & Shayne via Hochzeits Guide

Board by: Shelby Howard
Why We Love it:

  • Everything about this board speaks to a dreamy seaside soirée. It’s one of the most cohesive boards we’ve ever laid eyes on. – I love that this board is anchored front and center with the tabletop image and ocean in the background—this really helps to set the tone and gives this board an incredible sense of place.
  • The images selected perfectly mimic the gradients found in the anchor ocean image. Fading from blue to white is a common theme throughout this board—creating a clear and cohesive vision for an oceanside affair.
  • Consistent use of imagery defined by ocean-inspired decor items (oysters, coral, shells and driftwood) gives event and floral designers who might use this board a clear picture of the elements they can potentially work with to bring this mood board to life.
  • Clear glass (found in the cake stand and candle holders) is reminiscent of water, adds interest, and ties the design back to the ocean—while adding some balance to the overall board.
  • The splash of blue glassware on the tabletop anchors niagara blue to the tabletop.

PANTONE 18-0107 Kale

Jennifer Bensley

Photo Credit: Car: Photographer Steve Stanton via Green Wedding Shoes/Drape Tent: via Bespoke Bride/Cake: Photographer Courtney Horwood via Magnolia Rouge/Table Setting: Photographer Alissa Saylor via Chic Vintage Bride/Chairs: Photographer Kate Holstein via Once Wed/Table Runner: Photographer Mackensey Alexander via Green Wedding Shoes/Dress: via Belles and Bubbles/Bouquet: Photographer Alea Lovely via Ruffled Blog

Board by: Jennifer Bensley
Why We Love it:

  • Right from the first glance, this mood board tells a cohesive story. Jennifer did an unbelievable job of making sure the event-vision was clear right off the bat.
  • We could practically feel the textures of the images through the screen. Soft, flowy ceremony fabrics and bridesmaids dresses are begging to be touched.
  • This board manages to feel organic and bohemian, yet refined—which can be a truly difficult balance to strike.
  • This board brings PANTONE Kale to life in every way—every single image is so well chosen and placed, creating an overall vision that we can’t take our eyes off.

PANTONE 19-4045 Lapis Blue

Bec Minns

Photo Credits: Menu: Photographer Alexandra Wallace via Hey Wedding Lady/Suit: White Willow Photography via Ruffled Blog/Macaroons: from Nectar and Stone via The Gay Wedding Guide/Van: Photographer Studio Belle/Cake: Photographer Manuela Kalupar via Style Me Pretty/Ring: Photographer Todd hunter McGaw/Bike: Photographer Tara Whittaker via Style Me Pretty

Board by: Bec Minns
Why We Love it:

  • From top to bottom, this board is saturated in the anchor color. Bec brought PANTONE’s Lapis Blue to life beautifully.
  • We love the inclusion of the image of a Volkswagon Van. It helps to convey that earthy, radiant, energetic vibe that Lapis Blue is all about.
  • There’s just the right about of white in throughout the board, providing us a visual break from all of that super saturated blue without feeling distracting or like it’s taking away from the anchor color.

PANTONE 14-1315 Hazelnut

Claudia Marsh

Photo Credit: Ceremony: Photographer Holeigh V Photography/Ice Cream via The Sugar Hit/Dress: Photographer Swoon Weddings via White Mag/Chair: Photographer Morgan Gosch via Wedding Sparrow/Ring: Photographer Kate Anfinson via Wedding Sparrow/Tablescape: Photographer When He Found Her Photography via Wedding Sparrow

Board by: Claudia Marsh
Why we love it:

  • Claudia selected images that work well together to define the vision for this wedding: effortless classical elegance with beautiful soft textures and flowing fabric.
  • While the board is anchored around beautiful neutral hues, we love that the touches of greenery in the two images balance the board overall and add visual interest, while also playing into the natural earthiness that is quintessentially “Hazelnut”
  • This board has a serious dream factor—something about it feels so warm, effortless and airy—just like the Pantone descriptive of the Hazelnut shade itself.

A big congratulations to all our students who took part in this competition. It was great to see you putting the design skills you’ve learned to good use. Enrolments are open all year round so you too can Join the Revolution and become a Wedding and Event Student with the International Academy of Wedding and Event Planning.


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