How to overcome the overwhelm of starting something new

So, I’m well on my way to finishing my first official month here with the academy. If I’m completely honest it’s been a mixture of emotions for me. I don’t know about you, but the very idea of failure terrifies me.

Now the first thing I do when my brain feels a tad overwhelmed with a new concept, is set out some kind of schedule or a To Do List. Even if it’s the most basic kind of list, just to clear my head.

If you’re anything like me then you’ll love a classic to do list, and they’ll be scribbled side notes and scrawled ideas on this list. I genuinely cannot focus without one.

The power of a To Do List

As I’ve stated before, getting started in anything can be a really daunting thought.

It’s not even how you get started on a new course or signing your first client. For me, I need to know what the very first thing I have to do is.

So, I’m going to try and help you with your “getting started” worries.

Finding and creating a perfect workspace is the ultimate key to getting started.

My Home Office as a Wedding Planner

Living in a house share means that I really do have to make the best of what I’ve got. If you’ve got a comfortable space, it makes the unnerving task of actually beginning a whole lot easier.

Here’s a bit of advice from me:

Separate work from rest

If you don’t have clear office space and are working in a spare bedroom or even your own room, it’s so important to separate your areas as best you can.

Throughout my university years, I have always been a culprit of spreading all of my work and textbooks out on my bed, and then ending up falling asleep in the early hours with my laptop resting on my chest.

Separate your work from your downtime so you can chill!

Incorporate natural light

Since I love my natural light and open spaces, I’ve done a little rearranging to optimise light. It makes me feel a whole lot more productive when I don’t feel like I’m trapped in a windowless room.

Find your playlist

I have about 3 or 4 playlists I use when I’m working. I have a classical playlist which has about 250 songs on there. That’s the one I use when I’m really trying to focus on something.

I have another one that has your classic cheesy bangers on there, usually for light work that doesn’t need too much brainpower.

And then one that’s just purely ABBA. (Say what you want but it gets the job done.) I can’t get inspired in silence.

Have some of your nicest pictures and trinkets on show

Overcoming overwhelm

The more personalised and unique to you, the better!

I have all sorts on my desk. Pictures of friends, a little cactus, a pretty glass full of pens… Anything to make that space feel more yours. It goes a long way.

Hopefully you can incorporate some or even all of these tips into your office to make starting up a little easier.

Obviously, we all have rough days that make us want to throw our laptops out the window, but as long as there’s a lot more positive than negative, then you’ve got it.

You want to look forward to work, otherwise there really is no point.

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