How to Get Motivated as a New Wedding Planner

So, let’s talk about how to Get Motivated as a New Wedding Planner. We’ve been over getting started. I’ve told you my tips and tricks for that in more ways than one!

Being self-driven is the key in most industries, but especially this one.

You don’t have a boss checking in on you every 5 minutes to make sure you’re doing what you’re supposed to.

I personally think that it’s important to give yourself praise when you achieve something, even if it’s a small accomplishment.

Self-motivation has been instilled into me from a very young age, but it’s not always an easy thing to maintain. For the most part, I’ve always worked relatively well under pressure, and a time crunch, so hopefully that bodes well for me starting in the industry.

Q1: So, Summer, you recently enrolled on our Advanced Certificate in Wedding Planning, Styling & Business. How have you found the first couple of months of study?

So far, it’s been a brilliant experience for me. Obviously, I went in feeling really nervous and slightly apprehensive. But I think I’ve really started to find my feet with it all. And I absolutely love it.

The opportunities to be creative are endless and that’s the most exciting part.

Q2: What have you enjoyed most about the course so far?

I’ve really enjoyed going into more detail with the design aspect of things. Its always been a part of the industry that’s fascinated me.

Surprisingly though it’s the business side of the course that I’m enjoying the most! I’ve never studied that side of things before and it’s quickly become my favourite part.

Q3: How have you been keeping motivated during this time? Any motivation secrets you can reveal?

Well as I’ve always said, lists and planners are the easiest and best ways to stay on track with everything. For me, I tend to work better under pressure and when my workload is more intense. But if you’re struggling to keep the motivation going, remember it’s all about baby steps One step at a time.

Sometimes it’s good to take a step back just to actually look how far you’ve come and how much progress you’ve made! You’d be amazed.

Q4: Self driven study can be tough. But I know you’ve learnt a lot about managing your own study tip during your degree. Any top study tips you can share with us?

Self-motivated study definitely isn’t easy for everyone. There’s times when I really struggle to find the motivation for anything. But I think a big help with this is always keeping your end goal in mind. Remind yourself that you’re doing something that you love, which is more than a lot of people can say about there industry.

Get on Pinterest. Look at things that inspire you and interest you to help with that motivation. Take away all of your distractions, whether that’s your phone or working near your TV (that’s my biggest distraction). Remove yourself for a little while.

Q5: We loved your first Vlog about setting up you’re at home workspace. Are there any tools or apps you’ve found really help you with working from home?

I’ve had such a great response from the Vlog, which is really exciting! It’s a very new concept for me so it was very daunting to start with!

An app that I think is really beneficial is the Forest app! It creates a growing tree that represents how long you’ve been productive for and how long you’ve stayed off your phone!

It’s a really good one for anyone that struggles to not give in to social media temptations! Be sure to give it a go. It’s the worst thing when you break the growing cycle and have to start over!

Q6: You’re back at university this month. Do you have a study schedule so you can keep up with your wedding planning side hustle?

So, I’ll be starting back at university for my final year at the end of this month. Most of the study will be online but the workload will still be just as intense. I have a schedule worked out so I devote enough time for both. They’ll be a vlog coming out about this at the beginning of next month!

I think instead of having days where I devote my time to the Academy and then other days for Uni, I’ll set out to do my Academy work in the morning and then work for my degree and meetings with tutors in the afternoon and evening!

It’s going to be a struggle to fit in but I work better when there’s the added pressure of a time crunch!

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