Books for new Wedding Planners

When you’re first starting out in a new industry it’s hard to know where to start. At the Wedding Academy we offer in-depth courses to help you get started and they give you a fantastic grounding.

But sometimes we want to be inspired by others who have gone before us. Those that have really made a name for themselves and those we aspire to be like one day.

Today I wanted to share the details of three such experts who have all written the most beautiful books about their experiences. Personally, I think they’d make amazing Xmas presents.

These are people I look up to and have had the pleasure of meeting during my career. But ultimately, they’re people I think you can learn from too.

Book No 1 – Dear Preston: Doing Business with our Hearts.

Preston Bailey is one of the biggest names in the wedding industry. He knows how to create stunning designs with flowers and I was lucky enough to hear him give a keynote presentation at an industry conference in Las Vegas a few years ago. And trust me he has a lot of wisdom to give. This book is a great business insight into how Preston does business and manages to be an artist and a business person all at the same time.


Books for new Wedding Planners with Preston Bailey

Book No 2 – My Fair Wedding: Finding Your Vision . . . Through His Revisions!

You may recognise David Tutera from his reality hit show in the US, My Fair Wedding, amongst others! In addition, he’s also on our Advisory Board. Talk about celebrity status! He’s best known for the extravagant, lavish weddings he plans for the celebrity set. I’m lucky enough to have his number stored in my phone as we’ve got to work together a few times now over the years, which has been amazing. He’s actually a very humble person and loves to share his knowledge.

This book sits happily on my bookshelf and is one of my favourites to flick through when I need some inspiration.


David Tutera My Fair Wedding

Book No 3 – Wedding Flowers: Karen Tran

If you love flowers then Karen is someone you absolutely want to learn from. Her designs are over the top luxury and that’s what she’s known for. I was lucky enough to meet her last year as she invited me to be a speaker at her floral experience workshop at the Savoy in London and it was fantastic getting to watch her work hands-on with the attendees and see what she created.

Karen is in her own stratosphere when it comes to floral design and she’s known all over the world for her work and teaches from a different country almost every week in her Floral Experience Workshops.


Wedding Flowers with Karen Tran

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