Finding your Focus as a New Wedding Planner

Finding your focus when you’re just starting out can be hard.

With Spring well and truly upon us, well certainly where I am in Europe, now is the perfect time to get organised.

We’ve already talked about Styling Your Wedding Planner Home Office so now it’s time to get you focused.

Getting organised is a science and you’ll find lots of resources out there to help you on your way.

There are also entire businesses dedicated to the task of getting you to be more organised I love Abby Lawson’s Just a Girl And Her Blog.

So really there are no excuses.

Despite this however, many of us continue to find the task of being an organised person to be almost impossible.

So what is the essential ingredient for getting organised?

Well it is really very simple and it’s the one you should apply to every task you undertake in your day:  FOCUS!

‘You can be smart, well-read, creative and knowledgeable, but none of it is any use if your mind isn’t on the job.’ New Scientist magazine

Are you someone who has 200 things on the go at once?

Or someone who is constantly leaving tasks unfinished or pushing deadlines to get them done?  If this is you, this lack of focus is probably affecting your ability to remain organised.

So how do you stay more focussed and thereby more organised?  Here are a few tips thanks to a great little book called; Sorted’ by Lissanne Oliver.

Improve your health and environment

Make sure you have a good balance of exercise, nutritious food and adequate sleep.  Don’t underestimate the power of simple things.

I try to go for an hours walk with my dog Lottie every day. On the days I do this I’m so much more productive than when I don’t.

I’ve also recognised I can’t burn the candle at both ends. I’ve embraced being an early bird and don’t even attempt to be a night owl.

Pay attention

James Arthur Ray says, ‘Energy goes where attention flows’.  This is SO true! Pay attention to your thoughts and actions within the day. When you find your mind wandering, stop yourself and bring your mind and body back to the task at hand.

The more you do this the less you’ll find yourself becoming distracted. Use your notebook or ‘To Do List’ to remind yourself what you should be focussing on and get back to it.

Also, don’t let your creative side have its way all the time. I’m constantly inspired by new ideas. Here at Academy HQ we call it ‘shiny new idea syndrome’. Now ideas are my bread and butter but I can’t let them constantly distract me.

I’m always reminding myself what my current focus is. Don’t let those ideas distract you. This can be difficult but great ideas aren’t worth anything if you don’t focus on following through them.

Minimise Distractions

The goal is to finish what you start. Being organised means clearing your desk, your inbox, your in tray. If you’re struggling to finish a task set a realistic time frame to complete it. Try the pomodoro techique – it’s brilliant.

Shut the office door, take the phone off the hook and turn off your emails…Do it!

Avoid Multitasking

Women in particular are praised for their ability to multitask. But the truth is most of us who multitask cut corners to make it all happen. In our work and really in every area of our life, the things we do deserve our attention and focus.

Instead of multitasking look at your ‘to do list’ and prioritise accordingly. It’s also important to be realistic about how much time each task will take and how much time you have.

Don’t try to tackle every single task do the most important first and work your way down.  Ask yourself: What is the best use of my time right now?

Lissanne’s final BIG tip is: Learn to say NO!

Again women in particular find it very difficult to say no. As a result they find they’re constantly overextended, exhausted and stressed…not qualities that lend themselves to being more organised.

If you find it difficult to say no, ask yourself if this is something that’s going to help your business move forward. If it isn’t then say no. You have to be strict with this. Assess whether you have the time and weigh that up against the possible negative effects of saying no.

Now I’ve got you organised you have no excuse but to get started in your dream career as a wedding planner.

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