Why Starting a Business During Covid-19 is an Opportunity

Have you thought about starting a business during Covid-19? Is it your dream to become a Wedding Planner

If you’ve been watching the wedding industry freefalling over the last couple of months I’m sure you’ve wondered if it will survive?

So have we…

But here’s the thing. Although everything we’re reading seems like it’s all doom and gloom, that isn’t actually the case.

The wedding industry isn’t dying it’s being reborn.

Weddings have been ready for a big change for some time now. And even before Coronavirus we were starting to see a shift.

More and more couples were starting to do away with the big guest numbers, over the top luxury and the ‘more is more’ mentality.

They were slowly but surely starting to place more importance on guest experience and the meaning behind a wedding. They were opting for intimacy and privacy.

That hasn’t changed it’s just been pushed centre stage and couples are getting behind it. They’re seeing Micro weddings as a choice instead of something dictated to them by the pandemic.

Starting a Wedding Planning Business

The expectations of weddings pre-Covid have gone. We’re seeing the dawn of a new wedding era. It’s the rebirth of the modern wedding. The ‘PinTimate Wedding’ (personal and intimate wedding).

And it’s trending for all the right reasons.

Weddings are returning to their roots. Couples are playing out their love stories in a more intimate and personal setting. They’re embracing the meaning of marriage and celebrating with those who are important to them.

The new trend in Micro and Intimate Weddings is increasing the demand for wedding planners.

Starting a Wedding Business

Why? Because a smaller wedding doesn’t mean a smaller budget. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Couples aren’t cutting their budget instead they’re reallocating them. Embracing a smaller guest list and focusing on the experience. It’s the unique journey they go on with their guests in a more intimate environment.

A smaller wedding doesn’t mean less attention to detail. Or less planning.

There are still budgets to create, suppliers to source, a venue to find and a wedding to design.

With the focus being on a memorable and personal guest experience the couple need even more help to navigate the lead up to their wedding than ever before.

Add to this the ever-changing social distancing guidelines and you’ll see professional help is not a luxury but a necessity.

The role of wedding planner and wedding stylist hasn’t been made redundant it’s simply changed in line with the new landscape.

Wedding Planning Course

What does this mean for you?

Well if you’re thinking of a career shift into weddings there couldn’t be a more perfect time. As so often happens at times like this there can be opportunity in uncertainty.

Getting in at the ground level of something new is always the place to be. The opportunities are endless and fresh new ideas are flowing.

It’s the perfect time to be starting a business as we enter this new and exciting era in weddings.

Instead of pivoting an existing business, rethinking strategies, and changing direction you can build your business from a position of strength and knowledge. Planning your niche around the emerging trends that are here to stay and laying those foundations the right way.

At the Wedding Academy we’ve been helping our students to do just that. And we’ve seen so many of them get their first clients during this pandemic.

In fact, the beautiful images featured in this shoot are from one of our talented students, Kate of Weditate. I love how she used her time in lockdown to produce this simply gorgeous intimate wedding shoot.

Kate Morris Weditate

The wedding industry is far from finished. As it has done so many times before it’s simply reinventing itself and just like the phoenix it will rise strong once again.

Weddings are changing and adapting to a brand-new world, the question is are you going to do the same? Are you ready to follow your heart and take that leap into a career that lights you up?

You’re all out of excuses. The rest is up to you.

We’re here to help you but you have to be ready to help yourself as well.

Together we can help you to navigate your change of career into something truly wonderful.

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