A Day in the Life of a Wedding Planner

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Today we’re looking at the day in the life of a wedding planner on game day, AKA the wedding day.

It’s time to jump into the shoes of Wedding Planner.

One of the biggest things most newbie planners underestimate is just how much of your own preparation there is to do.

On the big day you have to be ready to put your best foot forward for your clients and keep it there for the long day and night ahead.

Yes that old saying is true; if you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail!

Here’s our ‘warm up‘ routine for the day before Wedding Day when you’re the Wedding Planner.

Prepare the day before

This varies for every wedding but here’s an outline of what we advise you to prepare the day before:

  • Pack up everything you’ll need for Wedding Day
  • Create folders for yourself and everyone in your team with checklists, run-sheets, floorplans, seating charts etc. Have a hard copy and electronic version, for everyone.
  • Charge any electronic devices and turn them off to save power.  Pack devices and chargers.
  • Check your emergency kit and ensure it is stocked
  • Do a final follow up with Vendors and your team and touch base with your couple
  • Most planners dress smart casual for most of the wedding day and change before the wedding, so as part of your prep pack your wedding clothes, along with a vanity bag, so you can freshen up as needed on the day.

Try to do all of this in the first half of the day before the wedding and if possible actually pack your car so it is ready to go.

Do this regardless of what time you need to leave the next day!

Take the afternoon/evening before off

Ok this might sound like a luxury but try to leave the wedding alone and spend time doing anything other than wedding work.

Wedding Day is intense and it will take a lot out of you. 

If you’re also styling the wedding the days you’re working may stretch across two, even three days (if you need to pack up too). So by anyone’s standards, you deserve to chill before you kick into high gear.

Eat and pack a picnic

You’ll soon learn that on game it it can be almost impossible to make time to eat.

So have a good meal the night before and a hearty breakfast the day of, so you’re operating on a full stomach.

PLUS…there won’t be time to find somewhere to buy a coffee, water, or bite to eat. Make sure you pack coffee, snacks and lots of water!

There are so many things you need to do to be successful on Wedding Day. These tips are just scratching the surface and like anything it takes time and experience.

But that’s what we’re here for. If you love the idea of planning weddings for a living then make sure you take a peek at the Certificate in Wedding Planning.

It’s the perfect course to get you started and show you how to go from newbie to pro within 3 months.

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